Debt Recovery

Taking action to secure your debt quickly and efficiently using appropriate methods.

In an ideal world, transactions would proceed smoothly and payment would be made on time. Unfortunately this is not always the case! 

We are constantly aware of the importance of a commercial return for the time and money our clients invest in recovering debt from bad payers.

Where appropriate we use insolvency procedures to achieve quick results. We take on work from businesses with volume debts and will tailor the service to meet their needs.

Done properly the recovery of volume debt can and should pay for itself.

Debt Recovery Process

This process starts with what is called a seven-day-letter or a letter-before-action. This is important because it will be referred to when the case is in court to justify asking the court to award recoverable court expenses as well as the sum sued for.

We don’t charge for sending seven-day letters to debtors on your behalf. Typically if we send seven day letters to multiple debtors we will recover enough money back to start the next stage against at least some of the debtors i.e. raising a court action.

We don’t waste time or money pointlessly phoning and harassing debtors, we raise court actions to legally enforce the debt. As soon as possible we arrest money in bank accounts, catch money which is due to be paid to the debtor such as wages, and prevent debtors from selling heritable property, Ultimately we can seek to force the sale of the debtors assets to pay the debt.   

Satisfied Clients

We have consistently achieved fantastic results for our clients through our tailored, straight-talking approach, resulting in a record to be proud of. This record and our extensive experience give us the confidence to say we can handle and resolve your debt recovery challenges.

Get in touch with our team today to take the first step towards a successful resolution.