Commercial Disputes

Act on your behalf to resolve business challenges. Keep trading, keep growing

Our commercial dispute resolution team deals with a wide variety of cases throughout Scotland, working with small business owners and partnerships through to large national organisations.

The services we advise on include (but are not limited to):

  • Partnership Litigation - Disputes between partners commonly arising where partners are seeking to expel another partner, or when a partner wants to retire. Disagreements often arise relating to the ownership of assets, payment of the outgoing partner's capital or through restrictive covernants.
  • Directors Duties - We act for and against directors involved in cases of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contractual obligation and Directors Disqualification proceedings which can arise from insolvency.
  • Shareholder Disputes - These important agreements can protect minority shareholders from being taken advantage of particularly in small companies. These agreements provide a protocol for running the company. They can provide a mechanism for resolving disputes and/or a fair buyout provision if disputes cannot be resolved.  Where a shareholder breaches the terms of the shareholders agreement we can take action on behalf of our client to enforce the agreement. If you are a shareholder in a small company speak to us now about having a shareholders agreement put in place.
  • Directors Facing Disqualification - commonly arising when a director breaches one of their duties, including the duty to avoid conflicts of interests.
  • Intellectual Property - our experienced team have dealt with protection of our client’s copyrights and patents both in court and in specialist tribunals.

  • Commercial Lease disputes – we can assist you with enforcement of provisions of leases, recovery of rent, eviction, irritancy of lease, dilapidations and interdict proceedings arising from commercial property leases.

  • Consumer Rights– we regularly act for car dealerships in respect of Sale of Goods legislation including internet purchases.

Client Focussed Approach

We seek to gain an understanding of each client’s specific requirements in order to establish what the best path forward is and form a strategy which suits their needs, their goals and their budget 

We consistently achieve results for our clients throughperseverance, attention to detail and not taking no for an answer. Our extensive experience give us the confidence to say we can handle and resolve whatever challenges our clients face.

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