What is Mediation and is it Right For You?

With the cost of court fees having gone up exactly a year ago, more and more couples are turning to mediation lawyers instead of heading towards the law courts. Divorce can be expensive, and if you can talk your way out of trouble it could be better for you and your family. In our post this week, we discuss what mediation is and whether it's right for you.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is where both parties try to resolve their differences instead of going to court, which can work out expensive. By resolving the issue face to face, you may be able to reach a settlement out of court and avoid expensive legal fees. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of process and both need to be considered carefully as to which is best for you.

The Advantages of Using Mediation Lawyers 

  • It can be difficult to get a court date as the courts may have a long list that comes before you do, whereas mediation can be arranged much quicker

  • If you go via the court route then your fate lies in the hands of a judge. You don't have to sign to any agreement that's ordered by the judge however, so if you don't sign it and you don't consent to anything, it doesn't have any effect

  • If mediation leads to a dead end and you're unable to come to any kind of out-of-court settlement, you can still go to court

  • All mediation processes are confidential until of course each party reaches an agreement.

Disadvantages and Risks of Mediation

  • If you think one party's stronger than the other, then this could lead to one person having more power, making mediation a stressful experience. It could also lead to unfair decisions being made to the advantage of one person, rather than both of you

  • If you can't negotiate or come to an agreement then mediation could be a complete waste of time and cost, even if it is cheaper than going to court, because if it doesn't work out, you could end up going to court anyway, with the added costs of unresolved mediation.

Only you and your partner can know whether either of you can realistically mediate with a professional and come to an amicable agreement that you're both happy with.

Currie and Co - Mediation Lawyers

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