Your Guide to Road Traffic Law: Speeding FAQ

There’s a lot to know about speeding and road traffic law. If you are caught speeding in Glasgow the penalties you will face will depend upon many circumstances. You might just find yourself having to pay a small fine, while in extreme cases your license may be revoked. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about speeding, answered by our road traffic lawyers in Glasgow.

What is the penalty for speeding?

The penalty for speeding will depend upon the location where the offence was committed, how fast you were going, and your past record. You could receive a fixed penalty notice at the roadside for an amount up to £100. If you request, or are required, to go to court, you could be fined up to £1000 if you then lose your case. If your offence was committed on the motorway, the maximum fine is £2500. You can also receive between 3 to 6 penalty points on your driving licence.

Will I be banned from driving?

There are certain occasions where speeding can lead to an instant driving ban. This will depend upon the circumstances of the offence. One reason you might be instantly banned is if you have exceeded the speed limit by an excessive amount. A speeding offence can also lead to a driving ban if you already have enough points on your licence that the additional penalty points take you up to 12.

Is there any way I can avoid penalty points?

In the case of very minor speeding offences, you may not be given penalty points. Sometimes you might get the option to attend a driving course designed to increase your awareness of speeding offences. You will have to cover the cost of this course yourself, but attending it could mean you avoid having penalty points imposed on your licence. This alternative must be offered to you, however: you cannot request it.

I don’t think I was speeding. What can I do?

If you believe the allegations are wrong you will have to go to court to plead your case. You will have to prove that there was some flaw in the way your speed was measured, or with the way that your case has been handled. To do this you will need assistance of road traffic lawyers in Glasgow. They may be able to find fault in the photo or video evidence, or through a legal technicality.

I already have nine points on my licence. Can I avoid being disqualified?

Once you reach 12 point on your licence you are automatically disqualified for a period of at least six months. The average time can be much higher depending upon the court. There are exceptional circumstances in which you may be able to argue that a driving ban would cause you some sort of hardship. The most common scenario is where you require a driving licence for your work, although this in itself does not guarantee that you will not be banned from driving.

Overturn speeding charges with road traffic lawyers in Glasgow

If you are being penalised for speeding you may be able to prove your innocence or have your case overturned. We are specialists in road traffic law and can help you to get the best outcome. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.