Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Solicitor in Glasgow

Choosing the right solicitor is important. Your case could involve a very personal situation, and you want to be sure that the solicitors in Glasgow you choose are trustworthy. There are many things you need to know before deciding who to hire. It can be hard to keep all the different criteria in your mind when researching, so we’ve put together a handy list of questions to ask solicitors in Glasgow.

Do you offer an initial consultation?

You can find out plenty of information from people’s websites, but it is still important to have a telephone or face-to-face conversation. Any solicitor in Glasgow should be happy to arrange for an initial consultation, as it helps you both to understand your case and your individual requirements.

Will I need to come into the office?

Some solicitors in Glasgow may want to meet face-to-face, depending upon the case. Most cases will require you to sign some kind of document, and you will likely have to provide proof of identification. This means at least one trip to the offices. The number of times you need to visit in person could dictate how close your solicitor needs to be located.

What do you charge, and how do you expect payment to be made?

Solicitors in Glasgow charge for their services in different ways. Some may charge hourly, while others charge a fixed fee. Make sure you find out beforehand not only what you will be charged, but also how you are expected to pay. It’s no use budgeting for instalments if you are required to pay the whole fee in one lump sum.

Have you dealt with similar cases to mine recently?

Having dealt with similar cases means your solicitor will have recent experience of the relevant laws and regulations. They will be well-versed in this particular area of law. While lots of solicitors in Glasgow will have experience covering your situation, it makes sense to choose someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

What kinds of cases do you usually specialise in?

Solicitors who have recently dealt with similar cases are good; ones who regularly practice a particular area of law are better. They will have an unrivalled understanding of your case. This gives you the best possible chance of winning your case.

Do you offer ‘No win, no fee’?

For certain cases, a ‘No win, no fee’ payment plan may be the best option. It means that any solicitor’s fees will be taken from any compensation you are awarded. This can help you to secure legal help where you would otherwise be unable to afford it.

How often do I get updated on your progress?

The support your solicitor in Glasgow offers you is usually broken down into separate charges to make the whole process as transparent as possible. This means that phone calls, letters, and meetings (for example) are usually billed individually. Make sure you ask solicitors in Glasgow how often they plan to keep you updated, as their policy could make it very expensive, especially if they are getting in touch to tell you there hasn’t been much progress.

What do I do next? Simple – get in touch and ask us these questions!